All the same amazing depth of flavour, but with more heat. Don't worry! This is 'Kiwi-hot' and you will still have some taste buds left.

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Jenny’s extra hot chutney

Janine Roughton on 24th Jul 2021

Forgot the rest, Jenny’s chutney is the best, but be warned it is addictive

Extra hot

Sarah on 6th Jul 2021

Yummy on everything with an awesome bite!

Jenny's Kitchen X-Hot Tamarind Chutney

Valerie Muir on 22nd May 2021

I absolutely LOVE this chutney! By far the best one I have ever tasted. I have to hide the jars in case my adult kids come round and try to snitch any of it -- I am too jealous to share it :) I buy several jars at a time online because the shops near me only seem to have the milder ones and very few of those as they are so popular.

XHOT Tamarind Chutney

Kelly Downes on 3rd Jan 2021

Delicious with anyting. Nice and hot too!


Emma Holman on 4th May 2020

This chutney is absolutely delicious!! It is sweet but with an amazing kick. It goes hand in hand with samosas and is the best part of the dish! Have found myself craving samosas just so I can eat this chutney. Love love love it!

not so hot but amazing

Mark CALWELL on 13th Mar 2019

The best chutney I have tried and I have tried a few. The XHOT is not as hot as I thought it would be, in fact it is below HOT. This chutney goes with just about everything, from crackers and cheese to roast chicken , ham sandwiches, croissants - it is very yummy on just about anything.

Still the best

D & R on 14th Jan 2019

How come Xhot Tamarind chutney is still the best yet keeps getting better - I guess that's what's happening because it doesn't last as long as it used to and we are coming back more frequently to get new supplies. Keep it up team - it's a winner!

Best Chutney Out

Gordon Palmer on 14th Feb 2018

I've bought many sorts of chutney. This is tops! My favourite is the "Xtra Hot". Don't be put off... It's not Indian or Thai "extra hot"; It's no hotter than Thai or Indian medium. Currently for lunch every day I use a flat, square bread roll (from Wild Wheat), opened out. Put 1/4 - 1/3 chopped avocado on one side, spread the other side with THE CHUTNEY, and close over a handful of Mesculin & Herbs (or Rocket) from the supermarket. Better than 98% of cafe offerings! Buy large jars, 2 at a time!