All the flavour of the Award winning medium Tamarind chutney, but with a little extra warmth.

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Different this time

Adrienne O'Connor on 9th May 2016

I brought the smaller one at the market in Waiheke and it was more chunky and thicker then the one i got in the post. The jar is bigger but this batch is not as chunky and alot more sauce like. Not thick like a chutney. Taste wise it is good but I dont think as hot as smaller jar was too. But all chutneys can be different slightly each time cooked. Jenny's Kitchen Tamarind Chutney responds: Hi Adrienne Thank you very much for your review. You are right, chutney can vary between batches. We do notice the Tamarind is a little softer at some times of the year, which can affect the chutney, but only very sightly. As our chutney is all natural we never use thickeners to 'correct' this. The recipe and process is identical whether we are making small or larger jars. However we have noticed that the chutney in the larger jars can settle a little, making it runnier at the top, but a quick shake should sort that out. It is really important to us that our customers are happy, so if you have any concerns, please do email us.