All the flavour of the Award winning medium Tamarind chutney, but with a little extra warmth.

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Tamarind Chutney

Gwen on 13th Jan 2021

absolutely love it ! great service

Yummiest Chutney!

Emma Goble on 19th Oct 2020

This chutney is just delicious in or on anything ! Just the right amount of hot taste :O)

Tamarind Chutney

Kyle on 10th Oct 2020

Incredible chutney as always! Thanks Jenny

Tamarind Chutney

Lee Warn on 5th Sep 2020

Hot is more of a mild, but soooo delicious i don't even care what it's called. Thanks


Lee on 16th May 2020

I tried it at a friends place and it was such a treat, I had to get my own. Freaky yummy! Thanks

An absolutely Favourite

8th Feb 2020

We are addicted to Hot Tamarind Chutney. We don’t find it too hot and it has lots of favour.

gotta have it

suzi on 1st Sep 2019

My kitchen isn't complete without a jar of Jenny's hot tamarind chutney.

Fabulous Stuff

Julie on 28th Jun 2018

This is as hot as I can get it into my kids at the moment, which is what us Adults can have without too much complaint. This stuff is fabulous and we were having it with friends and Creamy Blue cheese or Camembert with crackers. Highly highly recommend to anyone to wants to listen. I am also loving the free delivery to anywhere in NZ as we live outside Auckland, so everything can cost to get it to us.