The Easiest Dip Ever - Cheat's Tamarind Dip

1st Dec 2014

The Easiest Dip Ever - Cheat's Tamarind Dip

Two ingredients mixed together can't really be called a recipe...but this will become your new party favorite, and people will be asking you for your recipe. 

All you need is a 200 gram tub of Sour Cream (or roughly a cup of thick yoghurt) plus 3 dessertspoons of Jenny's Kitchen Tamarind Chutney of your choice. (We think the Extra-hot Chutney and the cooling Sour Cream go well, but just go with whatever heat you have on hand).

Give the sour cream a quick stir through to remove any lumps, then add your chutney. Blend it lightly, but not completely, so it retains a marbled or swirly look. 

Pop a little greenery on top, and dive in with pita crisps, chips or vegetable sticks.