The Aussie Four


Our 'Aussie Four' is a four-pack of 300ml jars shipped to Australia. The price shown includes the shipping  cost via Airmail to Australia, so no additional shipping cost is added at checkout.

Use the selector below to choose which heats you would like in your four-pack.

NB The 'Quantity' shown above the 'Add to Cart' refers to each four-pack.

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If you are choosing for friends or family:

  • 'Mild' has virtually no chilli heat
  • 'Medium' is our most popular and biggest seller
  • 'Hot' is our second biggest seller and more 'warm' than 'hot'
  • 'X-Hot' is "Kiwi-Hot" so not super hot

Make sure you have selected a total of four jars for your box when choosing your preferred heats.


NB: The 'QUANTITY' just above the 'Add to Cart' refers to the number of sets of four x 300ml jars.